Empowering servant leaders to build teams that flow while they grow

by taking the guesswork out of business management.

Who we serve

Strategic leadership for exceptional outcomes.

Professional development for a purposeful change.

Quality solutions for lasting results.

It takes a village to build a business.

How we help

We work at the intersection of

ME: Servant Leadership

Develop an authentic leadership style that puts your team and organization first!

WE: Team Enablement

Strategically develop & grow teams with support, knowledge & tools so they can perform to their full potential.

US: Performance Optimization

Effectively & efficiently align resources to achieve organizational goals and objectives

So you can avoid the following pitfalls

Organizational Misalignment

If you have a great team and a great leader but the organizational performance isn’t optimized, it can indicate that there are systemic issues within the organization that are preventing it from reaching its full potential.

Lack of Direction

Even if you hire the best of the best, lack of direction will lead to low morale and a waste of resources. It is important to work with your team to define goals and how to reach them, so that team members aren’t left scattered and guessing at what they are supposed to do.

Disengaged Teams

Having a good leader and a well-structured organization is important, but without an empowered and enabled team, the organization may not reach its full potential. It’s important for leaders to provide their teams with the necessary resources, support, and autonomy to do their work effectively and contribute to the organization’s success.



Working with Iliana was absolutely the right decision for us. She implemented technology that transformed our management processes and helped us develop project management and operations capabilities. We saw our resource requirement reduced and our control over delivery improved. Ultimately, Iliana helped scale our business to increase productivity for our larger team, which is a win for our clients and a win for us. We liked Iliana’s work so much that we decided to keep her on retainer as a business advisor and coach.
Iliana is a great coach. By asking insightful questions and never shying away from challenging my assumptions, she's helped me navigate complicated situations and determine paths forward that I wouldn't have considered on my own. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and takes the time to provide honest and meaningful feedback.
I was looking to sell my store and then Covid hit. My sales were declining fast and then a friend recommended Clubnet. End result, a 26% increase in profitability over last year, despite Covid!​
I had an idea but didn’t know where to start. Clubnet helped me get the right people on the team, at the right time and even helped me gain access to the capital required to grow the business.​

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