Empowering servant leaders to build teams that flow as they grow

by taking the guesswork out of business management.

Are you tired of feeling like a stressed-out superhero without any superpowers?

Running a team or a business can be tough, but you don’t have to go it alone!

At Clubnet, we’ll help you level up your leadership skills and unleash your inner business badass.

We’ll help you navigate those pesky forces that are holding you back like a pro!

Leading through uncertainty and change​

Volatile markets, disruptive technologies, and shifting societal expectations can leave leaders feeling lost. We’ll help you set a clear direction, make informed decisions, and empower your teams. Stay ahead of the game by evolving your leadership skills and inspiring others in your organization.

Managing a diverse team

Communicating, motivating, and engaging employees from different backgrounds can be a challenge. Our secret sauce involves valuing and building upon individual differences, fostering inclusivity, and creating a strong sense of belonging. We’ll show you how to turn collaboration into goal achievement, using the systems and processes right for your context.

Boosting organizational performance

Drive your organization’s competitive advantage in a cutthroat global landscape. We’ll help you innovate (and make it stick!), adapt to emerging trends, and identify new growth opportunities. Manage risks while keeping financial stability intact.

But wait, there’s more! We’re all about building a kick-ass organizational culture. Align values, vision, and goals with actions and behaviors at every level. Open communication, ethical practices, collaboration, learning, and accountability are our ingredients for success.

Imagine yourself as a fearless business champion, equipped to conquer any challenge with unrivaled finesse. Bid farewell to the days of sinking in a swamp of uncertainty, desperately juggling flaming obstacles, while solving quantum physics equations (we’re guessing that one’s someone’s pet project?). Embrace your destiny as the unrivaled ruler of your domain!

So why wait? Join the Clubnet community today and let’s unleash your inner business maverick together!

Who we serve

Strategic leadership for exceptional outcomes.

Professional development for a purposeful change.

Quality solutions for lasting results.

Building solutions for the Future of Work.

How we help

ME: Servant Leadership

Develop an authentic leadership style that puts your team and organization first!

WE: Team Enablement

Strategically develop and grow teams so they can perform to their full potential.

US: Organizational Effectiveness

Effectively and efficiently align resources to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

We work at the intersection of...

Servant Leadership

Developing an authentic leadership style is akin to donning a superhero cape – it’s about discovering and unleashing your unique superpowers for the greater good. Embrace your inner fearless leader, ready to take on the nefarious forces of mediocrity and disengagement. 

Whether you’re a seasoned hero or a fresh face, our programs are tailored to sharpen your skills and transform you into a bona fide servant leader, armed with expert guidance and a utility belt full of practical tools. Get ready to unleash your leadership superpowers and conquer the business world with a touch of humor and a mighty leap forward!

Team Enablement

Developing and nurturing your team is like fine-tuning a high-performance sports car, except instead of tinkering with mechanical parts, you’re working with processes, tools, and a vibrant bunch of unique individuals who require fuel, maintenance, and occasional check-ups. It’s all about discovering the right blend of motivation, support, and horsepower.

So, slip on your metaphorical mechanic’s gloves and grab your trusty HR manual, because we’re about to revitalize your team to run like a purring engine. Just don’t forget to give them the recognition they deserve and perhaps an occasional trophy or two.

Organizational Effectiveness

To achieve your organizational goals and objectives, you must channel your inner master chef. Just like a skilled culinary maestro, you need a clear vision of the dish you aim to create. With this vision in mind, you can collaborate with your team to deliver exceptional results. It’s crucial to skillfully source the right ingredients and guide your team in blending them together for optimal synergy.

Together, let’s concoct a recipe for resource magic, serving it up hot and fresh to nurture your organization’s success. Bon appétit to newfound efficiency and productivity!

..so you can avoid these pitfalls!​

Lack of Direction

You can hire the Avengers, the Justice League, and the Power Rangers all at once, but if they don’t know what they’re supposed to be fighting for, they’ll just end up bickering over who gets to use the Batmobile.

That’s why it’s crucial to sit down with your team, hash out some goals, and make a plan of attack. Otherwise, your highly trained superstars will be spinning their wheels, getting lost in the Batcave, and wasting all your precious resources.

Don’t let that happen. Be the superhero leader your team needs!

Disengaged Team

Imagine you’ve built the slickest sports car with all the fancy features and gadgets. But if your team members are cramped in the back seat, struggling to reach the pedals or taking a nap, well, you’re not exactly on the fast track to success. 

That’s why you need to be the champion of empowerment and enablement, handing out keys, GPS systems, and a killer playlist to your eager crew. With the right resources, support, and a sprinkle of autonomy, your team can take the driver’s seat and fearlessly tackle every twist and turn, from hairpin bends to sudden speed bumps. 

Are you ready to leave the competition eating dust in the rearview mirror?

Organizational Misalignment

Having a top-notch team and leader is like having a five-star kitchen with the best ingredients and equipment money can buy. But if your organizational performance still tastes like a burnt frozen dinner, it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions. 

Get to the root cause, roll up your sleeves, sharpen your knives, and get to work. Maybe you need to rethink your recipes, train your staff, or clean out the fridge. Whatever it takes, don’t settle for mediocrity. 

The world needs more Michelin-star organizations, and you can be the one to deliver the goods.



Working with Iliana was absolutely the right decision for us. She implemented technology that transformed our management processes and helped us develop project management and operations capabilities. We saw our resource requirement reduced and our control over delivery improved. Ultimately, Iliana helped scale our business to increase productivity for our larger team, which is a win for our clients and a win for us. We liked Iliana’s work so much that we decided to keep her on retainer as a business advisor and coach.
Iliana is a great coach. By asking insightful questions and never shying away from challenging my assumptions, she's helped me navigate complicated situations and determine paths forward that I wouldn't have considered on my own. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and takes the time to provide honest and meaningful feedback.
I was looking to sell my store and then Covid hit. My sales were declining fast and then a friend recommended Clubnet. End result, a 26% increase in profitability over last year, despite Covid!​
I had an idea but didn’t know where to start. Clubnet helped me get the right people on the team, at the right time and even helped me gain access to the capital required to grow the business.​

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