Impact entrepreneur: 4 examples you should know about!

You likely already know about impact entrepreneur: they go beyond profits and focus on social and environmental impact through their products and services.

There is nothing more inspiring than finding examples of people whom we can look up to!

We have a lot of impact entrepreneurs in the world, and some stand out for creating innovative initiatives and changing the lives of many people through their impact businesses.

Do you want to know who these examples to follow are? Keep reading!

Muhammad Yunus: the impact entrepreneur archetype

Muhammad Yunus is the father of microcredit and microfinance for people who want to build small businesses but don’t have access to traditional financial instruments. He is a great example of impact entrepreneur.

Through the creation of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, he provided employment to thousands, and microcredit to millions more people so they can start their own businesses.

Through the bank, Yunus was able to change the way banking worked in the region and beyond. Currently, the bank still operates on the microcredit front, but also offers other impact solutions for its low-income customers. That’s why it’s known as the “Bank for the Poor.”

Charlenia Snider: stimulating financial independence

Charlenia Snider is a business consultant that helps women develop and sustain successful businesses with income strategies and branding. Founder of Goal Slayers Tribe, she offers a space for the community to network and share knowledge.

Her biggest impact is changing other women’s lives through financial independence. Offering a safe space for discussion, her community is also an amazing opportunity to connect women that want to support each other, and that is very powerful!

Manish Sabharwal: empowering people

Manish Sabharwal is regarded as one of India’s largest employers. National of the country, he chose to create impact by empowering people for the labor market, heating up the economy, stimulating talent and generating opportunities. With all this in mind, he created Team Lease.

Team Lease’s main objective is to develop the skills of people who are unemployed and then help them join and perform in the labor market. The company focuses on low-income people who have not had access to education, and are therefore at a disadvantage in the labor market.

Iqbal Cotter: bringing accessibility

The idea was to create a mobile operator in the country, bringing telecommunications access to people who previously did not have it. As a result, the company is currently Bangladesh’s largest operator with more than 50 million users.

Iqbal Cotter worked together with Muhammad Yunus to create solutions for low-income Bangladeshis. Through this collaboration, Grameen Phone was born as a part of the Grameen Bank.

Nowadays, it is important to remember that digital access is indispensable. The internet is used not only for fun, but also as a way to connect with other people, discuss ideas, learn and find work.

Those were just 4 examples of impact entrepreneurs we wanted to introduce you to! When starting out, it is important to follow examples and learn from those who came before you. That’s the best way to avoid simple mistakes and succeed.

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