The HR transformation: Redefining talent management in the next-gen enterprise

The world of work is rapidly evolving, and so is the role of HR in managing talent in the next-generation enterprise. With technology disruption, changing workforce demographics, and an increasing focus on employee engagement, HR has to transform itself to meet the needs of today’s businesses. At Clubnet, we believe that HR transformation is critical […]

How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors and Create a Winning Culture

Hey there, C-level executive! Want to skyrocket your business reach beyond traditional marketing strategies? Look no further than your own employees! With a few professional strategies, you can turn your team into enthusiastic brand ambassadors and create a winning workplace culture. But how do you go beyond the basics and create a team of employees […]

5 successful cases to inspire your business ESG strategy

Over the past years, ESG has become a key focus in investing circles. Discover these successful ESG cases and build the best ESG strategy for your company.  Your business, like every company, is deeply intertwined with environmental, social, and governance concerns, which means a strong ESG proposition has the power to create value — in […]

The best HR tips to raise employee morale in 2023

Employee morale is an important factor in the success of any business or organization, numerous studies have shown that positive work cultures are more productive than those that aren’t. Most definitions of morale mention satisfaction and that the workplace should meet a set of basic needs. The psychological approach tells us that it is a […]

Elon Musk and Twitter: His leadership against the world

If you are tuned into the Internet world, you are probably aware that Elon Musk bought Twitter a while ago – and now, it has become an example of bad leadership. But why is the world’s richest man so controversial? In the corporate environment, are there better ways for him to deal with the employees […]

Common OKR management mistakes and how to avoid them

We all know goals must be specific and measurable. OKRs are one of the essential methodologies to guarantee effectiveness in results since it’s a management approach that sets goals while creating guidance and engagement.  The OKR methodology was assembled by former Intel CEO Andrew Grove and became well known in 1999 when it was operationalized […]

The 6 stages of startup growth!

In an increasingly globalized and innovative world, startups are a big part of the business landscape – and that is why knowing more about a startup can help you in your own business. If you already work in or own a startup, then this is the time to identify what stage of growth your company […]