Six Free Tools to Manage Your Small Business Remotely

Project management tools

What makes a successful business? Is it a great idea? A dedicated workforce? A strong, visionary leader? Maybe it’s a little bit of all these.  But it’s also that you need to stay on top of things when you’re running a business. Especially if you operate remotely, you have to enable collaboration and provide support […]

How to Give Effective Performance Feedback

Performance feedback

Employee performance feedback is integral for the continued growth of both individuals and the organization. Whether this feedback is effective is determined by how the Human Resource managers and front line leaders handle these conversations. They may inspire your staff to achieve new heights or drive them away from your business. Whether your team member […]

Guide: How to Promote your Business on Social Media


A good business idea means nothing without the right marketing. But thankfully, in 2022, we don’t need to invest a huge amount of money in promoting our services or products. We can rely on social media. With a small business, you may not be able to afford an agency or a consultant, but that doesn’t […]

Clubnet Solutions Inc. is a Game Changer in the Consulting Industry in Canada

The business consulting industry is and will always be one of the crucial industries in the market today. A lot of companies have been partnering with consulting companies to help enhance, upgrade, and transform their business for the better. Having an expert opinion to help with your decisions will take you a long way! At […]

How to become an entrepreneur: explore this mindset

Learn how to develop an entrepreneur mindset

Even though there is no need for a degree to become an entrepreneur, it necessitates a great deal of knowledge, enthusiasm, and determination. It’s also the kind of effort that suits someone who is less risk-averse and can deal with setbacks and disappointment if the idea doesn’t meet the market’s demand and timing.  What is […]

Six leadership styles in movies and TV shows to inspire you

Six fictional leadership styles in movies

We know being a business owner or manager comes with many challenges — and this is also true in fiction. That is why there are many different ways to present leadership styles in movies, TV shows and books. If there is any place where we can idealize the perfect boss, it is fiction. At the […]

Guide: Remote Work Without Struggle

We learned a lot about remote work in the last two years. While many companies decided to continue to operate fully remote, workers are reevaluating their relationship with the workplace. However, not all industries can continue to operate online, and there is a huge difference between choosing to work remotely – from anywhere you want […]

The Great Resignation: the power of quitting your job

Quitting your job is a common thing during the pandemic.

After Covid struck, there is a good chance you have considered quitting your job. You are not alone! In the United States, experts began to call this movement of more and more people leaving their jobs “The Great Resignation”. Although the Great Resignation is not as prominent in Canada as in the US, you surely […]

Careers of the future: why technology won’t take your job

Careers of the future include working with AI.

The idea of having robots working side by side with us is not new. There are thousands of science fiction movies and TV shows depicting what the careers of the future will look like with robot coworkers. And, even if they are not the humanoid figures we are used to seeing at the cinema, automation […]

Agile in HR: Transform your Human Resources Practices

Agile can also be applied in HR.

Agile is a well-known practice nowadays, but it is still very much perceived as being restricted to the IT sector. However, like in other sectors, Agile in HR can be very beneficial to productivity. What is Agile? The Agile approach was brought upon as a new way to develop software, but it can be applied […]