Muhammad Yunus: The impact entrepreneur archetype

There are some entrepreneurs that are driven only by profits. Others have a greater purpose and are looking for ways to address issues and change our broken systems from within. The environmental and the social impacts become a priority for these people. And Muhammad Yunus is one of these people. As a banker and economist, […]

Impact entrepreneur: 4 examples you should know about!

You likely already know about impact entrepreneur: they go beyond profits and focus on social and environmental impact through their products and services. There is nothing more inspiring than finding examples of people whom we can look up to! We have a lot of impact entrepreneurs in the world, and some stand out for creating […]

Impact entrepreneurship: Essential Terms

Keeping up with new business models and technical terms can be difficult. Purpose-driven businesses have additional terminology to speak about their social and environmental impact. Check out our exclusive glossary:

Canadian C-Suite Executives: An Overview

It doesn’t matter if we talk about CEO, CFO, or COO, all C-Suite levels are important for organizations. Even more important, it is to know how they behave according to the country. From information about gender to mental health, we have prepared this overview infographic on C-Level Executives in Canada (with extra information about some […]