When it’s time to set new goals for your business

Having goals is what will help guide any business. Without them, processes tend to get messier and lack a specific endpoint (which takes a short time to happen and is worrisome).

Knowing when to change those goals is essential. With obsolete goals, the business does not move forward and ends up failing in many cases, as we will see in this article.

So check out some insights on when the right time is to set new goals for your business – and why.

Obsolete solutions demand new ideas

Obsolete solutions may be killing your business. Every solution is designed for the specific moment in which it is created, so it may become obsolete after a while.

However, many managers forget to update the company’s list of solutions and processes, creating a vicious cycle. It is important to break this chain and change the direction.

For this, new ideas in teams are essential. Talking to your employees, understanding the business needs, doing a market analysis, and better understanding the company’s current moment are some steps to get up to date in the market.

Remember: market competitiveness is challenging, and only innovation can differentiate you more easily.

It is all about planning

This is where we can say: it is all about planning. And why do we stand for this?

– Well-planned solutions take longer to become obsolete. With a long-term focus, you will be able to predict many variables of the future of the business;

– Many companies that do not plan for the long term need to change business routes very abruptly, affecting their employees;

– In the planning process, you can find new solutions.

As an example, many tech companies have experienced major layoffs in the past months. Without planning properly, they weren’t able to predict the future of the market. According to Crunchbase News, more than 40,000 tech workers have experienced layoffs in 2022 in the U.S. alone.

Determine if your business needs new goals

Now that you understand the importance of new goals for your business, decide if it is time for your business to take this path.


When creating business goals, many managers do not focus on the processes that will lead to that goal, and this is a big mistake that can lead to losing everything.

Every company is based on processes. Before making any changes and making any decisions, analyze how your business processes are doing.

Are they running smoothly?

This analysis needs to be done, not only among the C levels, but also among the employees who feel the progress of everything even more directly.

Here, it is already possible to have a diagnosis: if the procedural part is not working well, it is certainly time to set new goals for the business.

Employee satisfaction

If the procedural part is working well, this is the time to check employee satisfaction. Because they are present in all stages of the company, they are extremely important and also need recognition.

Are your employees happy and satisfied with their work? Are they satisfied with their work and do they feel motivated? Are their paychecks fair and in accordance with the goals that have been set?

These are just some of the questions for this step. Remember that in a time of Quiet Quitting and Great Resignation, it is even more essential to focus on your employees.

So, create specific goals for them and always monitor the company’s satisfaction and retention indicators.

Financial growth

Last but not least, understand that every business needs profit to sustain itself and be able to expand.

If all the internal indicators are positive but the financial gains are negative, this is the time to create new goals – and consequently, change the internal processes again.

However, understand that doing everything yourself can be difficult. Clubnet has solutions that can help you go further and create even more powerful goals.

So, contact us and understand why your business is having trouble expanding with goals that are not moving forward!

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